Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fat Chance

" In the grey sky of early dawn, as stars still glowed,
sat Danny all alone, with fever bestowed!!"

In a surprising turn of events, I decided to add to the rapidly multiplying number of bloggers!! I had resigned from blogging , a long time ago, with a pledge never to haunt these pages again. But then, loneliness and boredom finally got the better of me and my dear friend ,Miss Bhootni Spears's decision to become a bugger... err.. Blogger...too just added to the cause!!!
I watched a short movie "Fat Chance" some hours ago and I was really impressed with it. It portrayed the life of a podgy guy, Neil who fell in love with this girl called Ritu (who I believe was anorexic... you know these girls right!!).It wasn't the love between them which influenced me. It was Neil's mother!! Now, before you let your mind gallop into the realms of imagination, broadened by the desibaba and desipapa stories, let me request you to restrain it a lil while longer. What made me like his mother so much was that whenever our hero was down and out, her mother made him the tastiest delicacies you would imagine. There were the cakes and the creams, the chicken of your dreams... the pastas and the noodles... the burgers and the pizzas... I mean,, you name it and rest assured, Neil's mother would have left no stone unturned , in making sure, her beloved son was stuffed to the neck, during his depression sojourn at his dining table!!! Now that's what I call a n amazing mom!! Imagine his life man.... and imagine the royal treat he would have had, when his par amour (pardon the expression) broke up with him, for a while!!!! That's Life!!!
Now, I've been blessed vertically as well as horizontally, and yes, abundantly too... and it makes my tummy groan in agony, thinking about the treats I've been missing out for such a long time..
Well, I'm off to bed to dream about the for tomorrow is a new day, full of new hopes and who knows, might be Neil's mum would come down and stay with us for a while!!???