Friday, May 03, 2013

A Letter

My dearest darling Sugar,

I know you are one of the very few people who visits my blog religiously, hoping to find a new post... and I also know that you will NEVER comment on any of my posts. You will read, giggle, smile, empathize and sympathize, but never comment, even though you want to... Anyway, why should you??? After all, you do get to nag me and grumble at me everyday :P :P :P

So, I decided to SHOCK you by writing a letter to you, and posting it on my blog. You can come to my cabin and yell at me as much as you feel like :)

 I wish I was a seasoned writer, who could express himself elaborately, and hold your attention for the entire length of this letter. I don't even know where to start my letter from. They say, a strong beginning and a stronger ending, are the most critical aspects of any good composition. This letter will certainly be lacking in both. However, I feel that's perfectly acceptable, considering how we embarked on our journey in 2003. This letter follows the same pattern of our relationship - a very confused beginning (errrr.. atleast from ONE side) and yet, a near perfect journey of compatibility.

Its been over 9 years and not a day has gone by, when I do not feel blessed to have you in my life. From the days of sitting on the back benches in the classroom L323, and gazing at you through most of the lecture hours, till today, the only thing that has changed has been my linearly increasing yearning for you. My constantly elongated 'sigh's and 'hai's are proof enough for that. 

Look at you... big time researcher.. doing Phd.. in the field of photonics...soon you shall be Dr. Sugar!! I can't believe that you have grown up so quickly... but... it makes sense... I have gone from being a 20-ish guy to a "will kick the bucket anyday" buddha as well...Time just flew by!! Everyday I wake up, I wake up with a smile, chest filled with pride ... just because I know you. I know at the end of the day, you would have done something brilliant, even though you don't notice it. Its all natural you do brilliant things, and you don't even notice.. I solve one stupid silly differential equation, and I announce to the world.. pride!! I only hope that one day.... just ONE DAY in life, I can make you feel as happy as you make me feel.

To be honest, I don't understand why you love me. (NO, You are not allowed to repeat the same thing. :P :P). You are so beautiful and extremely talented, while I am ugghh-lyy and the only talent I have is being untalented!!!

When I reflect on our journey together, I'm filled with shame... I have embarrassed you no ends and let you down, at almost every juncture and phase, while you have stood by me, resolutely and unperturbed all the while... never demanding.. never asking. You have grown from being a jumpy maniac to such beautiful woman, mature in thoughts, playful, intelligent and wise....... and me.... well... my only accomplishment during the same period has been the ever increasing diameter of my tummy. You deserve so much better.... soooooooooooooooooo much better!!! 

Sugar, I know I have never been a great guy to you... and I have taken so many things for granted. I dont know how I became like this... but If I could pick any woman in the world to spend every moment of the rest of my life with, it would be you. If I had a choice to have all the treasures in the world or spend my life with you, I would not even think twice... I would be with you. I am not sure how I got so lucky to have you, but I know I am the luckiest man alive, because I am with you. In all the dreams I've had in life, it seemed impossible that I would be with someone as warm and caring as you. You are everything I dreamt of and even more.

So, I am writing this tell you that I LOVE YOU. I will give you my life, my love and share everything I have to offer with you. I will cherish you, honor you, cherish you, be loyal to you, and put no one else before you, forever! Please stay by my side for all eternity. My heart mind, body and soul are yours. 

Simply... I love you ... and shall do so, till the end of my life. 

Yours alone,