Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Proposal

"Danny... I need my space. I can't go on living like this. I'm sorry, but it's over!! I don't love you... There is someone else in my life", she screamed at me, as she stormed out of the restaurant.

I sat there dazed, trying to fathom what just happened, as the murmurs of people around me grew louder.. louder... and then just as it started, it died down.The elderly couple sitting on the opposite table, stared at me intently, trying to peer into my soul , trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I felt something buzzing in my ears. Bewildered that I was, I looked around to see the waiter leaning over to my shoulder. He looked sympathetic.

"Sir," the waiter whispered, "Ummm...would you still be proposing tonight?"

"I don't know!" I wondered, "Did she just dump me?" I inquired.

"I think so, sir!!", he answered.

"You really think so??", I inquired to be doubly sure.

"I think I heard her scream that it was over... Sir!!"

"Oh yeah!!" I nodded, "She did say that.... but ... We were together for all these years. What happened?" I asked him, still looking dazed.

"I think she said there is someone else... sir", he replied.

"How do you know?" I mumbled.

"She screamed that as well sir."

"Yes, She did say that..." I nodded again, " but do you think she meant it??" I added foolishly.

He silently agreed.

"Sir, I think I'll let you be alone for a few minutes before I come to take your order!!"

"No... that's ok! I think I should go."

I got up to leave when he said, "Sir... Here's the ring... and here's the bill." He handed me the ring, still looking at me sympathetically. I paid the bill, making sure I tipped him well. The elderly couple mumbled something more while I walked out of the restaurant, still bewildered and confused.