Monday, May 05, 2014

Jaane Wo Kaise....

जाने वो कैसे लोग थे जिनके प्यार को प्यार मिला ,
हमने तो जब कलियाँ माँगी काँटों का हार मिला

खुशियों कि मंज़िल ढूँढी , तो गम कि दर्द मिलीं ,
चाहत के नगमे चाहे , तो आँहें सर्द  मिली।
दिल के बोझ को दूना कर गया , जो गम खार मिला
हमने तो जब कलियाँ माँगी काँटों का हार मिला

बिछड़ गया हर साथी देकर पल दो पल का साथ ,
किसको फुरसत है जो थामे दीवाने क हाँथ ?
हमको अपना साया तक , अक्सर बेज़ार मिला
हमने तो जब कलियाँ माँगी काँटों का हार मिला

इसको ही जीना कहते हैं , तो यूँही जी लेंगे,
उफ्फ ना करेँगे , लब सी लेंगें , आसुँ पी लेंगें
ग़म से अब घबराना कैसा। .. गम सौ बार मिला। । 
हमने तो जब कलियाँ माँगी काँटों का हार मिला 


Sid Hart was a happy soul,  
 And popular with his friends,
In love was he with a beautiful girl,
Melody, who promised Fidelity till the end.

Tall and strong, smart and kind,
 was how Sid always was,
But one day he fell ill with fever,
and his Life came to a pause.

The doctor who, drew his blood
 Smiled and told him..
"Son,  your tests will be fine I know,
at your age, chances of serious ills are dim"

His sweetheart stood by his side,
 Promising him of all her care,
But Fever rose oh further,
 Much more than he could bear.

The blood test findings came soon,
 and Boy, was the Doctor wrong!!
the WBC count was a mountain high,
 and now, night sweats came along. 

More tests were done,  More blood was drawn,
More medicines and more pills,
But Sid was getting worse and worse
The endless pain, the rising bills

Finally after all the tests,
The doctors declared in gloom,
"Its Cancer..and its in the blood"
Nodded.. and walked out of the room

Now, Melody said, she had to go,
she recalled some urgent task.
"Get well soon",sighed she and ran,
 .... Never returned to ask.

Chemo, Radiations... drips,
They put him on many a meds,
Till finally Sid's health turned around
no longer given up for Dead.

Discharged after six months, 
he went first to meet his friends,
But none came out to see him,
"He has cancer and it would spread!!"

Saddened, he walked the lane,
to where his Melody had dwelled,
But even she didnt open her doors,
Her love gone, His misery swelled.

"O Melody!! O My Dear Love,
Is this why I fought my Death??
 To beat on your loveless door??
To see you shrink from my breath? "

"Get away from my house, Disease,
I know I was once in love with you.
But now you have the Cancer, and Im afraid
my Future with you is blue.

Get lost quick!! You reek of Death,
I loved you whence you were brave.
I am sorry I can't love you now,
with both your legs dangling in the grave"

"O false and fickle Melody!" he said
"I know why you refuse:
Although I'm hale &hearty now, 
some other man now fills my shoes.

'I wish I ne'er had seen your face;
But, now, a long farewell!
For you will be my Death' -- alas!
You will not be my Mel!'

Now when he went away from her,
His heart so heavy got,
And Life was such a burden grown,
It made him take a knot.

So round his melancholy neck, 
 A rope he did intwine,
'Alas,' he sighed 'O Broken heart
 My Melody will never be mine!'

One end he tied around a beam,
and then stood atop a bench,
 And as he jerked the wood away,
The noose became a wrench.

And there he hung, till he was dead,
as any door nail in town,
Though misery had cut him up,
It could not Cut him Down.

The grieving society sat on his corpse,
To find out why he died,
They buried Sid, that day at noon,
With a shattered heart in his inside.