Friday, March 27, 2009

Time Pass... Pass Along

Here's how this one works. Name the last 21 people who posted on your wall, answer the questions and tag those people.

Disclaimer: I’ve tagged even those people who consistently fail to post on my wall .Since I don't even have 21 posts on my wall, I've decided to add friends at random But, to repeat this tagging cliché – if you are tagged, it doesn’t mean you have to reply. Though it’d be wonderful to see you making that effort ;)


1. Rodney Rodrigues
2. Abraham Eapen
3. Serah Basnet
4. Vanessa Rodrigues
5. Kislay Chandra
6. Wendy D'Souza
7. Moulshri Gupta
8. Sucharita Hazra
9. Andil Elita D'souza
10. Clyde Jonathan D'silva
11. Aditya Rana
12. Anant Kodikal
13. Saumayajit Samantha
14. Sharad Kumar Singh

Since my friend list ends thr, (Yeah yeah.. i know its sad!!), thus I'll restart the list from Rodney.. he he.. lets see how that turns out!!)

15. Rodney Rodrigues
16. Abraham Eapen
17. Serah Basnet
18. Vanessa Rodrigues
19. Kislay Chandra
20. Wendy D'souza
21. Moulshri Gupta

1. How did you meet 18? (Vanessa Rodrigues)
In college. She was my classmate in the first year, and she would turn down all my "polite offers" to take her out. As usual, I upheld my school tradition and remained a back bencher in college, whereas she was those front benchers. Thankfully , Coulomb's law held good and we neutralised our effects, by being the middle benchers in the second semester. (I did return to my last benches from the second yr onwards).. He he

2. What would you have done if you had never met 21? (Moulshri Gupta)
In that case, I’d never have known what an amazing sar-pel she is!! All through out college, she gave me nightmares and despised me. I reciprocated the feeling... :P Weirdly enough, after college we became pretty good friends.

3. Would 4 and 16 make a good couple? (Vanessa Rodrigues & Abraham Eapen)
I hope not... He he.. Naah, I don't think so... Abu and Vanessa are tooo different.

4. Could you ever fall in Love with 20? (Wendy D'souza)
Lol... No man... Her sisters would slaughter me to pieces.. He he

5. What is the best thing about 6? (Wendy D'souza)
Ah.. Wendy again! Umm... I like the fact that she is actively involved in sports, and I hear, she is great at it too. Very friendly... :)

6. What is your best memory of 17? (Serah Basnet)
Hmmm.... Serah! Walking back with her from Samsara, late at night. Had to drop her off at the Sikkim Tourism, and the roads were all khali khali... I mean, i had an awesome chance to kick her butts ... till this day I rue my decision of sparing her ass!! Ahh.. Smoking with her, incessantly .. that as well! We both loved Navy Cut.. She still does, I gave up!! He he

7. If you gave 19 $100 what would they spend it on? (Kislay Chandra)
He’d go and spend it all on burgers and mountain dew! Maybe a new novel as well...

8. Have you travelled anywhere with 15? (Rodney Rodrigues)
Yes Yes... In and around Manipal.. on my PULSAR ... he he

9. How did you meet 12? (Anant Kodikal)
He was my classmate.. saala pheku!! He was my lab partner for all four yrs.... Major tharki soul and somehow had a great rappo with the *beep* *beep* teachers like SGK n all...

10. Has 7 met your mother? (Moulshri Gupta)
Thankfully, no. She is a vegetarian man... LMAO

11. Have you ever wanted to punch 8 in the face? (Sucharita Hazra)
Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Millions of times. But then she is too sweet and thus i keep forgiving her.. He he he

12. How long have you known 13? (Saumayajit Samantha)
umm.. around 4 yrs now.. I got to know him ony in the second yr... This guy walks around the town for no apparent reason.. No wonder he is thin n all... :P

13. Does 2 have a boyfriend/girlfriend? (Abraham Eapen)
Oh... lots of ‘em. Half of Mallu babes have the hots for him. (The other half aren't hot enuff to be labelled babes).... Even the teachers had the hots for him...

14. What would you do if you ever dated 5? (Kislay Chandra)
I'd obviously go and shoot myself!!

15. Is 1 beautiful? (Rodney Rodrigues)
LMAO.. beautiful, I don't know. But he is too damn smart... Great doctor and an awesome musician....

16. Have you ever seen 3 cry? (Serah Basnet)
Ummm... I'm not sure.. But I have seen her very depressed... sad n all...

17. Have you seen 14 in the last one month? (Sharad Kumar Singh)
No... the last was in college...

18. Have you ever danced with 9? (Andil Elita D'Souza)
No... I still haven't met her, forget dancing with her... and andy, if u reading this, thank ur stars u haven't danced with me... Your toes have obviously, not suffered me!! LOL

19. When is the next time you'll see 10? (Clyde Jonathan D'Silva)
Hmmm... maybe when we come up with a plan to perform a fusion piece someday.. :)

20. Is 11 your best friend? (Aditya Rana)
LMAO... yeah right!!! obviously.... rana is sabka best friend.. and im best frnds with all his hot girl frnds... Nice cycle eh.. he he.. he is a *beep* to the core and deserves to be married off to mayawati!!!

21. What is your friendship like with 16? (Abraham Eapen)
Great Friends... One of my best friends I must say... I got to know him in the first yr and we were obviously the biggest vellas around.. We would go and watch any movie, no matter how stupid it was.. ah, those bike rides... we found the RIDE and the RIDE KA BAAP... Great frnd!

22. Describe 4 (Vanessa Rodrigues)
Hmm... beautiful, bubbly... She keeps giggling all the time... Great singer... studies a lot... fears her momma... very very loving... very sweet.. learning to cook... rest, i cnt declare publically.. :)

23. Describe the relationship between 12 and 17. (Anant Kodikal and Serah basnet)
Arey awesome relation man..... both of them are the best of friends...One is Raam, She is seeta... One is a pilot, the other is scared of heights... thankfully they don't even know each other... LOL

24. Have you been to 6's house? (Wendy D'Souza)

25.What is the best recent memory you have of 19? (Kislay Chandra)
Well, this one is not recent (since he started working n all...) I remember once when Shashank, Me and kislay were walking to the night canteen and this song he came up with all of a sudden... its sort of R-rated thus cnt reproduce here... but all three of us were laughing hysterically .... then all of a sudden, this guy, who was totally smashed, comes up n says "dude... do u have weed?"... I thought he was lookin for a guy called veer.. so i told him to search in the blocks.. either chummi or shanky, assumed he was asking for their Virya (hindi for semen.).. LMAO... think it was shashank.. the guy just cudnt believe we hadn't smoked up..

26. When was the last time you saw 20? (Wendy D'souza)
It's been ages..... met her during her Mahe -UGET exam...

27. Do you know a secret about 15? (Rodney Rodrigues)
Nope.. I don't think so...