Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Last tears - II

"So....It's over??" he asked.

She nodded, indifferently and continued texting on her mobile

"But... I don't understand," he said, "What happened?? Is there someone else?"

She remained silent... She decided not to answer..."Don't you love me anymore, Kate? What have I done? Talk to me!"he implored.

"Yeah!! I am talking to you... I just dont want to talk about what you want to talk about!! I'm not one of your students, Dan, that you should expect me to answer each of your questions!! Jerk..." she shouted.

"Jerk?? What are you saying??" he asked bewildered, "what have I done ?"

"Ah... No no no!! YOU have done NOTHING!! Everything that is miserable in my Life is of my OWN DOING!! I have done it! I f**ked up my Life.. I forgot how to think... I forgot about my dreams.. YOU, Mr. DANIEL ANDREW O'CONNEL...did NOTHINGGGG!!", she screamed.

Silence!! His eyes blinked furiously. He looked aghast...Her mobile beeped and she returned to texting. There was a pause, before she continued;

"You know Dan... You have always misunderstood me... and you keep saying that I misunderstand you. What does that even mean?? 'Sweetheart, I think you have misunderstood me!' My foot! Misunderstand? Who gave you the right to go about telling people who misunderstood who??.... and FYI.. its not always WHOM... huh!"

He sat there silently. "Is there no hope?" he whimpered.

"Hope... The only Hope which I hope for is the hope that I could go back in Time, and kicked you so hard in your nuts when you had proposed to me. That would have served you right. No no... Wait... I hope that instead of you, Michael had proposed to me and you would have just dropped DEAD! You know, I gave up my dreams to be a model you know!" she exclaimed while continuing to message, "My life could have been a lot better... a lot better, if only I could have ........."

"Kicked me in my nuts and I had dropped dead when I had proposed," he completed.

"Dont act smart!" she retorted.

She suddenly shrieked with frustration," What the f**k is wrong with your network??"

"My network??!!" he asked.

"I mean.. the network reception at your flat. Couldn't you have found a better apartment which has Airtel network connectivity in all the rooms?? I can't use Whatsapp.!"

"You can connect to the wifi in my flat and use WhatsApp, can't you?" he suggested.

"If I do that, I'll feel obligated and may be forced to delay breaking up with you today! And I'm done feeling obligated towards you.", she said.

"Oh... I Didn't know you thought so low of me, Kate."

"You should be thankful that I think something of you. Huh!! .. and to answer your question, Yes, I am seeing someone else. He makes me feel things which you could have never made me feel Dan!! Never!! It must be my bad karma that I was stuck with you for so many years. "

"Is it someone I know?" he asked with tears welling up in his eyes.

"As a matter of fact, Yes... You remember Sid.. We met him at the New Year's Party. The tall guy with nice manners?? The one who bumped into you and even before you could, it was he who apologised to you!! Remember??"

"Yeah, I seem to have a faint recollection of him!" he choked.

"Did you know he wrote me a poem? A poem... just for me!! Sweetest Love, I Love You So... Ah, he is so dreamy... and nice.. and well mannered!!"

No more cries... No words spoken... he shut his eyes as two icy tears rolled down his cheek. "If I am really so bad, I sincerely apologise for all the misery I have caused you. I never thought it would end like this. I don't know what else to say!!"

"Umm... For starters, how about saying sorry for fucking up my life so far?" she grimaced.

"I did apologise... but let me apologise again then... I'm sorry!"

His lips quivered... head reeled..tears kept trickling down his cheeks while she looked unmoved. Finally she said, "heyy... Don't cry... We'll remain friends.. I promise! It's over ok? Now I gotta go.. I must surrprisse my Siddd!!!"

She picked up her handbag... and never a happier woman was seen, exiting a wooden door.


"Ting Tong!! Ting tongggg!!".. Kate pressed the doorbell of Sid's house. "Even his doorbell sounds so dreamy... No wonder I love him!!" she said to herself. 

A young woman, about the same age as Kate opened the door. "Yes?" She asked.

"Is Sid home? I'm his girlfriend.. Kate!!"

"Sid?? You mean.. that tall Indian guy?? He had died a few days after New year. Didn't you know?"

"What?? But... I got a poem from him.. He sent it on my mobile.. See.. How can he die?? The poem is on my MOBILE, which was sent this Sunday!! See the number... +91 988*****50!! Where is Sid?"

"Umm... that's Daniel's number... Sid's best friend!!"

Darkness fell before Kate's eyes. Her knees felt weak and she fell to the ground, unconscious.


Daniel sat by his friend's grave... staring at the grave, carefully reading the gravestone.

"Don't stand by my grave and cry... I am not dead, I did not die"

The spring was in the air.. The flowers blossomed.. The weed grew wild... There was deathly silence. He had lost his best friend and lost his love. There was nobody he had to share with. Despirited, he slumped next to where his best friend lay..

His eyes were laden with tears..  A gentle breeze.. the final chills... and the last tears trickled.

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